Our Ethos & Values

All staff work to ensure that the service that we provide is in line with best practice and up to date with the current legislation and policies.

Core Objectives


To provide young people 16+ with accommodation which is stable and meets their individual needs whilst encouraging personal choices and creating a ‘sense of home’ or place to call home.


To provide a structured, stimulating, nurturing, therapeutic and safe environment that is free from prejudice and discriminating behaviour.

Freedom of Expression

Create an environment where young people feel they are listened to and are able to express their wishes, needs and feelings.

Develop Identity

Encourage young people to develop their individual identity and positive self-image through treating them with dignity and respect and reinforcing positive behaviour.


To respect young people’s privacy and confidentiality.


To maintain and support in the promotion and development of their health, education and personal development needs.


To encourage and enable the young people to be able to maintain and develop positive relationships with their peers, family and community.

Feedback & Involvement

To place the young people’s needs at the heart of KADS Support and to encourage the young person’s feedback and involvement in the decision-making processes in order to promote independence.

How Our Staff Helps

We take a holistic approach to ensure that the young person’s practical, physical, intellectual, social and cultural needs are met.

KADS Support is staffed 24/7 and all staff maintain a high quality of support by working alongside a young person’s professional team to reach the best outcomes for the young person. Staff work alongside guidelines that are set out in KADS Support policies and procedure.

Staff work alongside the young person to promote positive and effective relationships working towards the best outcomes for individuals. Staff will work in partnership with referring agencies forming a professional and productive working relationship.